Fire Protection Construction Monitoring

A particular strength of Gesellschaft zur Prüfung und Bauüberwachung Brandschutz mbH is monitoring of approval-conforming work performance of professional companies specializing in fire protection work, as well as extensive support of all professional companies and/or their departments in the interaction between technical and architectural performance requirements.

These might be, for example, the classic collision points and interfaces between high and low voltage and the HVAC, special sprinklers, smoke extraction and ventilation duct construction.

Many of these collision points are difficult to recognize during the planning phase, or particularly in the case of renovation, or need quick and approved fire protection solutions on-site.

Object monitoring during construction can prevent costly errors during the basic installation phase from the beginning.

Our years of construction activity experience in architecture and in interior design, our knowledge of the scheduling procedures, the collaboration of all trades involved in the construction, as well as the recognition of critical routes, predestine us for joint project goals in the eyes of our customers. 

Our priorities are pragmatic and 
approval-compliant solutions.

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